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Congressman Bruce Poliquin

Representing the 2nd District of Maine

Rep. Poliquin Continues to Work Toward Health Care Relief and Solutions

March 24, 2017
Press Release
ObamaCare rates likely to continue rising

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Bruce Poliquin (ME-02) released the following statement:


“ObamaCare is failing, and it’s critical that Congress works to fix it to rescue the Maine families it’s impacting. But let’s do this right,” said Congressman Poliquin.


“I agree that all legislation, especially a proposal for such an important policy change, must have enough time to be thoroughly reviewed by the American people and all lawmakers of all political parties. As I said, I have pushed to ensure those nearing retirement and in rural areas receive support in any proposed legislation.


“Since first elected in 2015, I have pushed for 14 free-market solutions to the failing ObamaCare law. I have pushed to make certain that those with pre-existing conditions would be covered. I have fought to guarantee those under 26 years old would have the option to stay on their parents’ plans. I also met directly with the President and House Leadership to push support for those ages 50 to 64 in Maine and families in rural areas who could be impacted by new legislation, while also giving states the flexibility to require non-disabled people without children to work, participate in training programs, or volunteer in order to receive taxpayer-funded Medicaid welfare benefits.


“I encourage the Maine media to report the facts:


  • We were told, under ObamaCare, if we like our health insurance plan and doctor, we could keep them. That was not true.


  • Tens of thousands of Mainers switched from their plan or were forced into ObamaCare policies.


  • Those with ObamaCare policies or private policies have seen  monthly premiums and annual deductibles skyrocket under the law.


  • Premiums for ObamaCare plans in Maine are going up another 14-26% this year alone.  I am concerned they will continue to rise by large amounts.


  • Some people never use their ObamaCare coverage because deductibles are so high.


  • Many people choose to pay a fine to the IRS rather than accept an ObamaCare plan.


  • There are only three insurance providers which offer ObamaCare policies in Maine. One of them, Community Health Options in Lewiston, lost $58 million last year. Additionally this same organization sued the federal government for more money.



“In Congress, I will continue to push hard to find important solutions to the dire health care problems and challenges for Mainers. ObamaCare is failing and Congress must all work together to fix it.”


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